Monday, October 31, 2005

Making Money Online.. It ain't that tough.. I do it and so can you.

Well kids, I used to be a skeptic.. I think you should be now, even as you read this.
I have tried a ton of stuff to make money online, and I keep trying new things, this blog will be a complete accounting of the things I try, and the things I have tried in the past.

There is no get rich quick scheme that I have found yet, but rather with careful planning and work, you can make money using the internet.

You will want to mark this page now, if making money online is something that interests you.
Together we will grow and learn, and with any luck become self sufficient.

Yes, the goal here is not to be richer than your wildest dreams, but rather to become self sufficient, using the internet as the tool to get us there.
Journey with me if you will.


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