Thursday, November 17, 2005

promoting your blog part three Technorati searches and top 10's Top Searches This Hour1. 1. “Open Source Media”
2. “Kara Borden” 3. David Ludwig 4. Sony 5. “Dawn Yang” 6. “White Phosphorus” 7. “David Brooks” 8. Woodward 9. Ajax 10. “Bob Woodward”
Here are the top ten this hour at now tell me you can’t write something intelligent about at least one of them.. maybe all 10.

All you need to do to have a blog that draws attention is to be on top of what people are searching for, write a little ditty and publish. (be sure to pin technorati too) but really it is just that simple.

So go get a blog if you don’t have one and start something wonderful!


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