Monday, November 14, 2005

No better time than now..

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Interesting enough.. I fond a long lost friend that is also making money on eBAy.. what are you waiting for.. just do it already!

November is your best month to start on eBay.
Because of all of the holiday shoppers going there looking for deals, you will make more in November than most months.
So dig out a few things and see how they fly.. got old software? I just bough a copy of an old program that I missed, and that runs on WIN98 (The new version does not, adn I still have a WIN98 machine at home!) How about old games.. I love some of my old games, adn keep a WIN98 machine at home for just those older games.. .. how about a hardcover book or two that is just sitting there growning dust?
Some collectables? A music CD that you just don't listen to anymore? A DVD, a VHS tape.. we all have junk laying around out house, that someone somewhere is looking for.. so add a little somthing to somone else's tree, and a little money to yor holiday shopping budget.. it is easy!

Funny video clip.. ebay related. check it out. go to go to top rated.. and click on the On Ebay link..
can anyone tell me if this is Weird Al? ANyway,, it's true..


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