Wednesday, November 09, 2005

per click you get paid?

Today, I would like to talk a little about pay per click programs... not the ones you pay to get clicks for, but the ones that pay you.
There are a few, Google's AdSense is perhaps the biggest and best.

New comer yahoo has their publisher network which is in Beta at this time, and seems to work well..

and then you have adbrite

I have used all three.
I made the most money on Google. A high of near $12.00 a day after only about 90 days.
Now I had a website that was getting 300 plus hits a day and about 1% would click an ad. resulting in a small pay day each time.
I really liked Google AdSense and was more than a littel upset when they canceled my acocunt (as chronicled other places in my blogs) but I don't blame them I was getting invalid clicks (none of my own doing mind you, these were invalid clicks from "friends" that were just trying to help me out.

So I joined Google and


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