Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Another failed idea..

Online Mall MLM. I tried one, I failed. It seems I am not the type to go harras every human I know and try to sign them up in my downline. I know MLM works for a number of people, but before you think that you can make money at Multi Level Marketing, first think about who you will have to approch to get started.. if you donl;t mine making friends feel uncomfortable to have you around, and family stop inviting you over for holidays, go fir it.. I just think that friends adn family should be free from sales pitch..

I have found it easier to make webpages with relevent subject matter adn advertize on them with affiliate programs, than to make a "online mall" and try to get others to make an online mall (only after they pay me to do it).

If you have looked into online mmalls, I suggest that you keep the commission, adn go to cj (see below) and search through the items on offer there through any number of outside affiliates. You can easily populate a web site with high quality items from well known suppliers, by signing up for a few programs with the biggies like Better Homes or Home Depot and then make your own website, either free at angelfire (or similar) or paying to have one hosted at godaddy, or XO or any other of the thousands of hosting companies.

This stuff does not have to be real complicated, it only needs to be as complicated as you want to make it.

Like I have said before, "you can make money online, I do it, and I am not all that bright."


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