Thursday, November 03, 2005

Testing textarea code and talking about text links

The above is the HTML for the link if you wanted to put a link to cj dot come in your links area you would use a code similar to the code in the text area box above.
Your link would be slightly different as it would have your identifying code embedded in it, this way they can track your hits and leads. has some rather remarkable reports too that will show you how many exposures you are getting to each link and how many clicks. Sometimes you need to adjust your links to get the bigest effect, I have been known to also use their "smart zones" this is a nice way to test several banners or ads in a given spot on your site or blog, you can add more or take away those ads that do not get much attention, as well as weight them for the number of times one will show up versus the others. non weighted smart zones are best when testing new ads for effect.


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