Monday, October 31, 2005

Promoting your website step by step by somone who actually does this stuff. (it's all free too)

Promoting your website step by step..

Okay so you have a complete website, what do you do now?
Well first and foremost you let the search engines know that you exist. There are a number of ways to do this, here are a few that I use.

Number one, Use a mass submitter.. I use this one to cover the major search engines, it is easy if not complete.

If you use a search engine submit tool and they ask that you put a banner on your site linking back to them, do it.. if you use blogger, you can go into templates, scroll down until you see the links section and add the code to the bottom there.. not hard to do.

Number two and this one will take time is to submit your site by hand to everyone that will list it.
Here is the best site I have found for a list of search engines and indexes even if you think that your site will be rejected submit it anyway.

This includes blogs.. many search engines don’t take blogs right now, but many do.

Number three.. get links back to you. This is of huge importance to the search engines, it is how they rank your page.. the best program for that I have found is at
I have not tried link2me yet with a blog but it looks like it would work. So go ahead give all the above a try..


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