Tuesday, November 01, 2005

something I used to do, but do not anymore.. paid to surf

I used to use a paid to surf program, I actually do not remember the name of it anymore, but it worked for a short time, without causing my any real grief.

The way it worked (and I assume others still do) was that whenever you logged on, a banner would be displayed on your screen this banner would flash a new ad at you about every 10 seconds. The banner when I started was about 1" x 4" and could be moved around the screen to the least conspicuous place. I had quite a down line started too, I was making about $40.00 a month for doing nothing really.. but I did violate their terms and conditions by posting advertisements up at local grocery stores asking people to rip off a tab at the bottom, with my referring URL printed on it, and go sign up.. I

quit using it, when it got a bigger banner, and started to slow my computer to a point where it interfered with my other online activities. (At the time that was mostly listing books on ebay) I could list a book in about 10 minutes that could yield from $5 to $500 dollars in return, if it took my twice as long to list it no longer paid for itself so I dropped the program.

Today I went looking for paid to surf programs to see if there were any still out there, I came across this website that lists a goodly number of them. If you are interested in something like this (trust me it is easy to build up your down line by just telling everyone in your circle of internet friends, you don’t have to violate the terms like I did, unless you want to and do not fear getting caught) go check this site out http://www.angelfire.com/journal2/payme/ Just the fact that this guy uses angelfire and has a top Yahoo listing means that he is doing something right.. so go see him and have fun.
Peace, DeRex.


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