Tuesday, November 01, 2005

buying and selling ads.. at AdBrite great idea and cheap too.

I always recomend you start reading from the begining of this blog, but this post will stand alone as a money making idea.

Use AdBrite to buy & sell ads!

Okay with this one you don;t even need a website, just an affiliate program or two that will alow you to post text ads.
You can go to CJ to find these advertizers. cj.com
Then go to adbrite Use AdBrite to buy & sell ads! and place ads in the network.
Tricks adn tips here, you will want to find products and services at CJ that have high potential commissions.
Then place network ads at AdBrite. Bid 5 cents per click, this way you can get 100 clicks for only $5.00 Try a few different products / services as not all will be sucessful.
A typical ad should have a catchy headline then a discriptive link and the refering URL.

So headline : Comission Junction
Link: The best affiliate programs
URL: cj.com

I have used CJ here as my example, but ther eare programs with much higher CPM's look for the ones with the highest CPM that allow text links.

Now one thing to keep in mind, if you start to want to try more targeted ads, you may have to pay more than a nickle a click for the better sites, I advise tryig things on the network to see if your ad will work first, if you can get clicks from a general audience, then you can get sales from a more targeted audience later.
You will always want to visit the website that you are promoting, while there you will want to ask yourself, "would I buy somthing from this site?" if you would not, then you may want to look for another program or product to promote. If you would buy somthing from them then the chances are good that somone else would too.


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