Thursday, November 03, 2005

making money with your blog, is easy! (and free)

How to make blogger pay..

Okay step by step how to ad an advertisement to blogger, the easy way.
You have a Blogger account, you have a theme to your blog.. even if it is just random stuff, you have a theme we all do.

Alright, go get an account at
You have your account at

Now type in a keyword in the find links section for
You will be shown advertisers that relate somehow to your keyword, join their programs. Some require manual approval, this takes time but often they are the best advertisers.

Now you have programs you have joined.

In one window open up the blogger dashboard, select your blog, and go to templates.

There is a section marked out as “links” when you first get your account you will have one for google news and two others that say “edit me”
They have starting and ending tags that have little arrows on either side and “li” or “/li” on each end.

We are going to replace everything between the two “li”s and leave their arrow brackets in tact.
To do this I will usually just go to the right hand side just before the arrow that looks like this < and the arrow that points the other way (can;t figure out how to get it to show up here.. then and here is where it gets a little tricky..

You will in your other pen window, go to you will sort the advertisers by relationship, remember earlier we joined, and selected a couple of relative advertisers. You will click the link that says “get links”. Scroll down the list looking for a “text link” , click there, click “get html” copy the html with the button that they provide.
Minimize that window.
Now with your template open and your cursor where we took out the code between the bracketed “li” place your mouse cursor, right click and select paste.
You have just pasted an advertisement into your links.

Repeat the above steps until you are satisfied with the number of links you have placed.
Note there are other places you can place links, like banners and such, even in every post if you like, using a similar method to that described above.

Always be sure to click the “preview” button to make sure you have not accidentally goofed up any code when you are playing around in your template. If it does not look right you can click the undo edits button and start again.
Any questions?
Well get cracking, join now and go get some ads for your links section.

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