Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Making money can be a matter of speed or thriftiness

You should look at how you get online, when you are looking at your online income.
The more work you do that actually brings you money like selling on one of the online auction sites the more that a high speed internet connection will make sense.

When I started with this in 1996 I used AOL. But when I got into it full time, I found that I was spending huge amounts of time waiting for pages to load. I tried a number of different ISPs but in the end went broadband.

To see if you can get DSL try this

Verizon Online DSL: Super High-speed Internet Access with NO Dial-up - Click here to find out more
I always believe that you should seek more than one quote so alternatly
Get COMCAST Internet - High Speed Cable, $50.00 Cash Back, $19.99/mo. for 6 months

I recomend that you check both

The other trian of thought is to get online as cheaply as possible. If you are not working online a lot, this is one way to turn the internet into a positive gain.
I have used Juno and Net Zero when i was less active, and had "okay" results.
Check this one out to see if you can save money and still get a full service ISP.

Anyway you slice it, enjoy yourself.


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