Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sell Saltwater Sanitizing Systems for Pools and Make BIG Commissions!

Hello! Take a look here at Custombuiltspas!

My friend Gene Trumbull has for the last couple of years been providing me with a book to sell on how to make your own hot tub. Now he has added to his product line saltwater chloronators for pools!

These little devices are really somthing great for any pool owner, and a MUST have for anyone that has ever had a hard time with their chemicals.

Why do I put it here?
Well friends, if you go to custombuiltspas and sign up for their affiliate program, you can sell them on your blog or website.. and he will provide you with all the banners, and photos, and whatever you may need!

If you have a place to post ads on the web (see previous articles for how to do that) then you simply must go to custombuiltspas and sign up TODAY!

and remember after you sign up, Gene will be available to help you in anyway that he can.. he's the best!


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