Thursday, February 23, 2006

Still swapping links..

As you may know I have been using a link swaping service called for a while, it seems to be helping with my PR (page rank) for another site, that I started using it for , before I did this one.
Remember how "popular" your page is, makes a difference when the searchengines go to rank you, and you want a high ranking , when somone enters in your "keyword".

An example of a link, I am swapping using is seen here
Net Lottery - the smarter way to play the lottery
Interet based uk lotto and euro millions lottery syndicate system. Either join as a player to gain more chances to win or join as an affiliate to earn residual income as well as having more chances to win

You do not have ot accept every link that is offered, you can try to conect with people on the site, or do like i am now, sit aback adn wait for them to find you. It is free and easy.

The one thing I am not sure about, is how the person I am linking with's page rank effects my standing in the searchengines.. so I have become a little more selective when accepting links, to my more popular sites. Now to get on those more popular pages, the content must be similar to mine, adn the PR must be similar.. but for here, because of the format of a blog, I take just about all comers.

Well, I hope your making ton's of cash.. so far this year, form one advertizing source alone, I shoudl net $5000.. and it will take virtualy no additional work to maintain that level.
(Keep in mind this is one advertizer only, and I have several.. this one is just my best paying to date.. )
FYI.. it is adwords.


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