Friday, November 25, 2005

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I have a diverse list to buy for, some aren't anywhere near a store (Middle of Nowhere Alaska!), and some are well.. real pains in the ass to buy for.. so what better than!
(can you say gift card?)
Yes some people will get amazon gift certificates this year.
The gift card is becoming the number one gift item.
Why? Well, I think that it is because so many people are "hard to buy for". Take me for instance.. if I need something I go buy it.. if I want something I go buy it.. if I can;t afford it, I don't go buy it, but I don't tell anyone about it either.. okay.. I did tell a couple of people I wanted a new Harley.. but none of them can afford it right now either.. or like me enough to drop $30K.

So I expect to get a giftcard or two.. and that's just fine..

Go take a look at amazon, use the searchbox above to see what their prices are like, you might be pleased.. and at worst, you can still get a gift certificate for the DeRex on your list!


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