Monday, April 03, 2006

GET RICH QUICK!!! (or loose you ass.. one or the other)

Click here to go see for yourself!

I spent a few hours this weekend playing Texas Hold 'em at Party Poker .com!

I had a blast.. good partice for my Saturday night low stakes game, and beyond that, you can even open up a real money account.. and get a bonus for siging up!
Check it out.. party poker and when asked for a promotional code write NEWWEB.

I made $16,000 in about 3 hours! (Of course I was on the play money tables.. so don't call the IRS!)

If you are online there, look for me.. Delorumrex.. perhpas we can get into a little head to head action?

Actually, I wanted to point this one out to my readers, if you are looking for an affilate program that is not so bad, partypoker has one.. me I like to play Holdem so I am not so much promoting the affiliate program as I am promoting having a good time, while your punching around on the internet.
Go check it out..

and if you do happen to see me on the tables, be sure to say Hi ya!