Monday, October 31, 2005

Promoting your website step by step by somone who actually does this stuff. (it's all free too)

Promoting your website step by step..

Okay so you have a complete website, what do you do now?
Well first and foremost you let the search engines know that you exist. There are a number of ways to do this, here are a few that I use.

Number one, Use a mass submitter.. I use this one to cover the major search engines, it is easy if not complete.

If you use a search engine submit tool and they ask that you put a banner on your site linking back to them, do it.. if you use blogger, you can go into templates, scroll down until you see the links section and add the code to the bottom there.. not hard to do.

Number two and this one will take time is to submit your site by hand to everyone that will list it.
Here is the best site I have found for a list of search engines and indexes even if you think that your site will be rejected submit it anyway.

This includes blogs.. many search engines don’t take blogs right now, but many do.

Number three.. get links back to you. This is of huge importance to the search engines, it is how they rank your page.. the best program for that I have found is at
I have not tried link2me yet with a blog but it looks like it would work. So go ahead give all the above a try..

How to find advertizers for yor website.

Now you want to find an advertizer or several for your website or blog.
Trust me you do.. So go here.. Click here for Commission Junction

This link will take you to or commission junction. I have been using cj for years and have made some decent money just running banner ads on my websites.. (I don’t have any stats back from my blogs yet, but they are young)

So to date you have signed up for ebay. And gotten a blog or website… or or both..

Now go sign up at and do a search for something that is the same as your primary keyword.. sure you may have to play around with variations of the theme, but go do it..

Next post.. how to promote your website.. part one.

where to start you of at.??? lets try this..

So you have gotten your eBay account and have started to sell the junk laying around your house.. fun isn’t it?
You can also go to thrift stores in your area and look for bargains. I have friends that make livings going around to yard sales buying other people’s junk and selling it on eBay.
If you are not into collectables eBay can be a bit of a challenge, but look at things like designer clothing when you go thrift store shopping.. sometimes you can find new clothes on the racks, then eBay it.. glass wear and the like are also popular eBay items. All you need is a little time and a little effort. Trial and error is how I came to find that I loved selling books on eBay. With a little effort you will find your niche;’ trust me.

But this post is not about ebay.. if you do not already have that taken care of, go click on the link to the right and do it.

This post is about having a web site.
You can have a website and you can have it for free. I have used angelfire for a number of popular sites.

Angelfire will help you get set up with a free account, your payment back to them is that they will run banner ads or pop up ads on your site… a small price to pay for first getting out there.
Tips on getting a free website.. when you go to choose the name pick something that you will be writing about, and use it in the name of the site.

Example: mi2/hottubs is their user name, the site is about hot tubs. When you submit your website to the search engines you will want a URL that has to do with the subject matter of the site. (don’t worry I will talk about search engines at length a little later)
Fo now step one, is think of something you like, or have enough knowledge about that you could write a website, nothing too huge is necessary just a few pages.. got your subject?

Okay now go to angelfire, and ask for your website.. note your user name will have something like “mi2” in front, if you can find one of these prefixes that pertains to your site good, if not just pick anything, then put you number one keyword or keywords in the place of the rest of your user name like “hottubs” in our example above.

Now start writing, and adding photos, rule number one is have fun.. we’ll talk about how to promote your site and how to get it listening in the search engines soon.. but for now enjoy your eBay money and your new website.

You can do the same thing here at blogger if you would like to start a blog.. I think you should do both, but one step at a time.. when you get a blogger account you will want to use the same rule about keywords in the name of the blog. Note this blogs URL.. it is keyword rich.

first things first.. ebay! A great way to start getting an internet income!

I am an ebay seller, I am an ebay buyer, I love ebay!

Lets take this money making project from the ground up shall we..
I think that the first step for anyone to make real money online, starting with next to nothing other than in internet connection is an ebay account.

We all have stuff laying around, that would be better off used in a yeard sale.. before you throw that now useless item away, try selling it on ebay!

I sell books there, I have also sold older electronics, things that i had no use for anymore, even as old as a 8MB Ram chip.. you will be amazed at how easy it is to sell on ebay and how much money, stuff you think of as junk will sell for.
I will publish tips as we continue, but for now go sign up and sell somthing.
click the banner to sign up.

Making Money Online.. It ain't that tough.. I do it and so can you.

Well kids, I used to be a skeptic.. I think you should be now, even as you read this.
I have tried a ton of stuff to make money online, and I keep trying new things, this blog will be a complete accounting of the things I try, and the things I have tried in the past.

There is no get rich quick scheme that I have found yet, but rather with careful planning and work, you can make money using the internet.

You will want to mark this page now, if making money online is something that interests you.
Together we will grow and learn, and with any luck become self sufficient.

Yes, the goal here is not to be richer than your wildest dreams, but rather to become self sufficient, using the internet as the tool to get us there.
Journey with me if you will.