Friday, November 25, 2005

another way to make money on yor website or blog
You realy should sign up. then if you are a blog owner a little post like this (especially this time of year, but like it at any gift giving time) can turn your blog into a cash making machine!

I have a diverse list to buy for, some aren't anywhere near a store (Middle of Nowhere Alaska!), and some are well.. real pains in the ass to buy for.. so what better than!
(can you say gift card?)
Yes some people will get amazon gift certificates this year.
The gift card is becoming the number one gift item.
Why? Well, I think that it is because so many people are "hard to buy for". Take me for instance.. if I need something I go buy it.. if I want something I go buy it.. if I can;t afford it, I don't go buy it, but I don't tell anyone about it either.. okay.. I did tell a couple of people I wanted a new Harley.. but none of them can afford it right now either.. or like me enough to drop $30K.

So I expect to get a giftcard or two.. and that's just fine..

Go take a look at amazon, use the searchbox above to see what their prices are like, you might be pleased.. and at worst, you can still get a gift certificate for the DeRex on your list!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

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sometimes saving money is like making money

saved money is made money.
thus the reason for the advertizement below.
I have a blog dedicated to advertizements you can see it at

All of the ads there, with few exceptions come from

I have a friend that is playing around with ebay stores. I hope to have a report on her success (or failure) here for you soon.

I never had an ebay store, but listening to her I just may get one.
take a look for yourself. I will be.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

tobacco smokers and chewers.. try this... its snuff

Quit Smoking and Chewing Tobacco! Mint Pouches!

it's minty.. it's snuffy.. it's tasty

Monday, November 21, 2005

what if I told you..

Win a Porsche Cayenne or $50,000!Enter Today

You can run little text ads like this one, and make money if somone clicks on it, and fills in the forms?

Can you see where placing text links like this may make you some money?

Well, this program, with all of it's giveaways is available through so go on to the begining of this blog and start from the beginning, if you do you will have a account (free) by the time you get back to here.. and with luck you will start posting things like.. winn a porche on your blog or website soon!.
Party on Garf.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

promoting your blog part three Technorati searches and top 10's Top Searches This Hour1. 1. “Open Source Media”
2. “Kara Borden” 3. David Ludwig 4. Sony 5. “Dawn Yang” 6. “White Phosphorus” 7. “David Brooks” 8. Woodward 9. Ajax 10. “Bob Woodward”
Here are the top ten this hour at now tell me you can’t write something intelligent about at least one of them.. maybe all 10.

All you need to do to have a blog that draws attention is to be on top of what people are searching for, write a little ditty and publish. (be sure to pin technorati too) but really it is just that simple.

So go get a blog if you don’t have one and start something wonderful!

link exchange.. and affiliate program

Buy Sell Or Rent Independent Films
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Beinga movie watcher, this link interests me, the fac that they also have an affiliate program realy interests me.. go check them out!

Exchanged link

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promoting your blog part two.. you should have been there by now and made sure thatyou "claimed your blog"
Now go back. Look at the top 10 searches on their home page.. can you write adn article or post about any of them? If you can do.. don;t be a piece of whale dung adn just use them as keywords but actually write something intelligent about as many of them as you can.
This way people who go to will stand a better chance of finding your blog, subscribing to it, and letting you try to sell them some stuff, or just click on yor adsense banner, if you have one.. and if you followed my advice you do.

So go to look at the top 10 search keywords adn write somthing of substance now!

Be well.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

promoting your blog this one is important

If you own a blog.. go claim it at it is a great way to bring attention to your site.. so just do it.. right now.. go on.. whatta ya waiting for an invitation.. well this is your invitation.. go on GIT!

Available at advertiser

Enter to win a new Gateway computer Enter Now!

how could you not get attention to yoru site with an ad like that? Everyone thinks that their computer is outdated.. and it is somthing that everyone that visits your site will have as an interest.
Why don;t you click the link and check it out.

Then join

Monday, November 14, 2005

looking for a place to have your website.. check these folks out!

a challenge to you! I throw down the gauntlet!

Here is my challenge to you..

Go to where you keep your old books, or DVDs or VHS tapes, take down three of these items that you have not seen in 12 months or more..
Go to ebay

Click here for your favorite eBay items

Search for those items.. note what they have sold for (look in completed auctions)
Now list them, make sure that your description is at least as fun to read as the highest priced same item.. and watch the bids.. it’s fun and a little addicting.

No better time than now..

Click here for your favorite eBay items

Interesting enough.. I fond a long lost friend that is also making money on eBAy.. what are you waiting for.. just do it already!

November is your best month to start on eBay.
Because of all of the holiday shoppers going there looking for deals, you will make more in November than most months.
So dig out a few things and see how they fly.. got old software? I just bough a copy of an old program that I missed, and that runs on WIN98 (The new version does not, adn I still have a WIN98 machine at home!) How about old games.. I love some of my old games, adn keep a WIN98 machine at home for just those older games.. .. how about a hardcover book or two that is just sitting there growning dust?
Some collectables? A music CD that you just don't listen to anymore? A DVD, a VHS tape.. we all have junk laying around out house, that someone somewhere is looking for.. so add a little somthing to somone else's tree, and a little money to yor holiday shopping budget.. it is easy!

Funny video clip.. ebay related. check it out. go to go to top rated.. and click on the On Ebay link..
can anyone tell me if this is Weird Al? ANyway,, it's true..

Friday, November 11, 2005

another link exchanged

please check them out.
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and another

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I am telling you, if you want your page or blog to get noticed, go to and sign up.. it is free and easy!

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and yet another!!!
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How to start, from Lao Tzu

All difficult things have their origin in that which is easy, and great things in that which is small. Lao Tzu

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Note to readers.

Please read this blog in reverse order.
The steps outlined in this blog may hale you turn your internetr connection into money. I have used this system for years, it works for me. and most of the information contained in this blog is free, so you have nothing to loose.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

per click you get paid?

Today, I would like to talk a little about pay per click programs... not the ones you pay to get clicks for, but the ones that pay you.
There are a few, Google's AdSense is perhaps the biggest and best.

New comer yahoo has their publisher network which is in Beta at this time, and seems to work well..

and then you have adbrite

I have used all three.
I made the most money on Google. A high of near $12.00 a day after only about 90 days.
Now I had a website that was getting 300 plus hits a day and about 1% would click an ad. resulting in a small pay day each time.
I really liked Google AdSense and was more than a littel upset when they canceled my acocunt (as chronicled other places in my blogs) but I don't blame them I was getting invalid clicks (none of my own doing mind you, these were invalid clicks from "friends" that were just trying to help me out.

So I joined Google and

Making money can be a matter of speed or thriftiness

You should look at how you get online, when you are looking at your online income.
The more work you do that actually brings you money like selling on one of the online auction sites the more that a high speed internet connection will make sense.

When I started with this in 1996 I used AOL. But when I got into it full time, I found that I was spending huge amounts of time waiting for pages to load. I tried a number of different ISPs but in the end went broadband.

To see if you can get DSL try this

Verizon Online DSL: Super High-speed Internet Access with NO Dial-up - Click here to find out more
I always believe that you should seek more than one quote so alternatly
Get COMCAST Internet - High Speed Cable, $50.00 Cash Back, $19.99/mo. for 6 months

I recomend that you check both

The other trian of thought is to get online as cheaply as possible. If you are not working online a lot, this is one way to turn the internet into a positive gain.
I have used Juno and Net Zero when i was less active, and had "okay" results.
Check this one out to see if you can save money and still get a full service ISP.

Anyway you slice it, enjoy yourself.

A note to our newest readers.

You will want to start at the beginning of this Blog.
I am putting ideas in order of how I feel that they will best benifityou. Unfortunatly this may lead to you reading them in reverse order.. the only downside to doing this as a blog.
Otherwise, live long and prosper.

another swapped link

thanks to link to me we now have another link exchanged.
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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Another failed idea..

Online Mall MLM. I tried one, I failed. It seems I am not the type to go harras every human I know and try to sign them up in my downline. I know MLM works for a number of people, but before you think that you can make money at Multi Level Marketing, first think about who you will have to approch to get started.. if you donl;t mine making friends feel uncomfortable to have you around, and family stop inviting you over for holidays, go fir it.. I just think that friends adn family should be free from sales pitch..

I have found it easier to make webpages with relevent subject matter adn advertize on them with affiliate programs, than to make a "online mall" and try to get others to make an online mall (only after they pay me to do it).

If you have looked into online mmalls, I suggest that you keep the commission, adn go to cj (see below) and search through the items on offer there through any number of outside affiliates. You can easily populate a web site with high quality items from well known suppliers, by signing up for a few programs with the biggies like Better Homes or Home Depot and then make your own website, either free at angelfire (or similar) or paying to have one hosted at godaddy, or XO or any other of the thousands of hosting companies.

This stuff does not have to be real complicated, it only needs to be as complicated as you want to make it.

Like I have said before, "you can make money online, I do it, and I am not all that bright."

Monday, November 07, 2005

eBay in the month of November a MUST DO! Here's why.

For the next 30 days, if you sign on at ebay you will stand your best chance of getting the most out of your items, conversely you will also be able to find more items if you are looking for a gift, as most serious ebayers ramp up for the holiday season.
I can remember holding special items back throughout the year just so I could list them in November.

So if you plan to try and make a little money selling on ebay or if you just want to do some gift shopping go to ebay now and check it out.
You have nothing to lose!

Click here for your favorite eBay items

Open an eBay Store!

or ebay stores if you are ready to go pro right now!

Online auctions are still strong and benificial to both sellers as ewell as buyers. Try one today.

a couple notes on link2me..

note, if you use blogger for a link to me account you will want to give your link page URL as your blooger account followed by index.html

If you do not it will repete your full blogger URL.

THen when you post a link, you will want to use the edit HTML view and then just copy and paste it in. a great way to get your link out.

Free Link Exchange Directory -
Quality directory of websites looking for link exchange. Improve your search engine rankings and link popularity the easy way. Work clever not hard!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Books and other items, sell them on your site with amazon!

Okay, another way you can make money online is with an affiliation with

You might be amazed at the selection if books and other items there, no matter what the theme of your blog or website, you can probobly find a related item or book at amazon.
Look what I got when I typed in "making money"
For only $29.95 (or somthing like that.. ) Read the review, I am tempted to buy one for myself!

Promoting your website.... some free ideas

Now once you have your free website from angelfire or any other number of places, it is time to start promoting it.
Here are a few tips and a few URLs of places that I think you will find helpful.
You will want to submit to every search engine you can find.
A decent automated service that is free is at just scroll down towards the bottom you will see a search engine link.
They ask that you place a banner on your site, it is not tough to do and worth the time savings.

Then go to here you will see a huge list of search engines and indexes that you can submit to, you will want to submit to every one of them that you can.. (I avoid all those that charge for inclusion, I will let you decide if you want to pay for a service that many others make available for free…)
A tip on this last one, is that it is a good idea to make a copy of your sites description (about 25 words or so) and your sites keywords about 25 again. Sometimes you will be asked to put one on a line and sometimes you will be asked for a list that is separated by comma.

Then the next real trick, is to get your link out and about on the web.
I came across this free service, and really like it.

You will want to avoid schemes that promise 1000s of links, as most major search engines see those schemes as spam, and they can actually hurt your search engine placement.

Now that should keep you busy for a few days.. go get promoting.

For those of you just joining us, you will want to go to the first post and start reading from there, for those of you that have been from first post to here, you are getting close. Keep up the good work!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Placing banner ads in your website. and Smartzones.

Banner ads can be great, but it can be hard to pick the right ad for your site. CJ has a thing called a smart zone, (see earlier post) using a smart zone you can have several ads rotate through, you can then track, which get clicks and which are a waste of bandwidth.

If you see a trend towards one banner or campany you can then tell what your readers are interested in, and leave that banner or those banners in places where they are always present.

If you get a cj account, please please please use smart zones to test new banner ads.

Testing textarea code and talking about text links

The above is the HTML for the link if you wanted to put a link to cj dot come in your links area you would use a code similar to the code in the text area box above.
Your link would be slightly different as it would have your identifying code embedded in it, this way they can track your hits and leads. has some rather remarkable reports too that will show you how many exposures you are getting to each link and how many clicks. Sometimes you need to adjust your links to get the bigest effect, I have been known to also use their "smart zones" this is a nice way to test several banners or ads in a given spot on your site or blog, you can add more or take away those ads that do not get much attention, as well as weight them for the number of times one will show up versus the others. non weighted smart zones are best when testing new ads for effect.

making money with your blog, is easy! (and free)

How to make blogger pay..

Okay step by step how to ad an advertisement to blogger, the easy way.
You have a Blogger account, you have a theme to your blog.. even if it is just random stuff, you have a theme we all do.

Alright, go get an account at
You have your account at

Now type in a keyword in the find links section for
You will be shown advertisers that relate somehow to your keyword, join their programs. Some require manual approval, this takes time but often they are the best advertisers.

Now you have programs you have joined.

In one window open up the blogger dashboard, select your blog, and go to templates.

There is a section marked out as “links” when you first get your account you will have one for google news and two others that say “edit me”
They have starting and ending tags that have little arrows on either side and “li” or “/li” on each end.

We are going to replace everything between the two “li”s and leave their arrow brackets in tact.
To do this I will usually just go to the right hand side just before the arrow that looks like this < and the arrow that points the other way (can;t figure out how to get it to show up here.. then and here is where it gets a little tricky..

You will in your other pen window, go to you will sort the advertisers by relationship, remember earlier we joined, and selected a couple of relative advertisers. You will click the link that says “get links”. Scroll down the list looking for a “text link” , click there, click “get html” copy the html with the button that they provide.
Minimize that window.
Now with your template open and your cursor where we took out the code between the bracketed “li” place your mouse cursor, right click and select paste.
You have just pasted an advertisement into your links.

Repeat the above steps until you are satisfied with the number of links you have placed.
Note there are other places you can place links, like banners and such, even in every post if you like, using a similar method to that described above.

Always be sure to click the “preview” button to make sure you have not accidentally goofed up any code when you are playing around in your template. If it does not look right you can click the undo edits button and start again.
Any questions?
Well get cracking, join now and go get some ads for your links section.

Click here for Commission Junction

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Free ideas on how to make money, are people so jaded as to not dare click this?

Free ideas on how to make money, are people so jaded as to not dare click this?

I thought that this blog was a cute idea, I put there the ways I have found to make money and share them with strangers.. talk about teaching someone to fish rather than giving them a fish.

But I look at the click rate and am surprised to see how few actually click in.

I think it is because we get so bombarded with spam these days, that as soon as someone says “make money” we think, how much is this going to cost me?

Well I am a bit jaded too, so I don’t blame anyone that sees the title of this blog and says.. “no thank you”.. but I will ask that those of you who do stop by here take to heart my good intentions. If you think you know someone that may benefit from reading this blog, please pass the URL onto them..

If all you do is follow my advise about the free things, like blogger, cj and ebay, you will make a little money. If you come out ahead I will feel that I have done something good, and you will .. well you will have more money to spend on important things.. like broadband!

Google AdSense perhaps the best way to make money with your blog or website?

Arguably Google AdSense is the best way to make money with your Blogger Blog or website.
There are rules and YOU MUST FOLLOW THEM!

Google (rightfully so) will not play around if they thing that you are trying to defraud their advertisers. This includes, if one of you friends , in a mood of trying to “help you out” comes to your site and clicks the ads a lot.

With a website that got around 300 hits per day, I was making around $12.00 a day in Google AdSense revenue.

Then they canceled my account. I had a friend that unbeknownst to me was clicking my ads every morning.. this is a violation of the Google TOS and I was banned. I will not ever have a Google Adsense account again.. I understand why they banned me, and even though I was a little angry at first, the need for google to protect the advertisers far exceeds my need to make $12.00 a day. So I say “hats off to Google for doing such a fine job of protecting those, who like me pay for “per-click” advertising”.

So when you see the little link that says “sign up for google adsense” in your blog dashboard, do it!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Making money with yoru blog an easy lesson..

Okay I wanted to blog about my musica taste.. so I created the following post.

Stop paying 99 cents a song - Get Napster To Go.

Music, I love music, but not so much the new music I hear on the radio. I do not know if I am getting “old” or if my taste is just too different to fall into “main stream” I think that latter. I like for instance, Bag-pipe music, and I adore the Bloodhound Gang.. I also like Gangsta Rap, and will run through spells of easy listening, classical (including Opera) and then will go back to my metal roots and listen to Mega Death for a week or two.. I think that “radio” is just to “pop” for me.
That’s why I like Napster… I think you will too, so go try napster for free.. download to yoru computer or yoru new iPod Nano if you are that much ahead of me on the techno-curve.. I envy you.. I am hoping to get a Nano for Christmas..

Napster Free Trial
go ahead click the little Napster..and Rock On..

The thing is, that it is not only an insight into my musical taste it is also an ad for Napster.
I knew I was going to write somthign about music, so I went to cj (see earlier post) and found Napster.. this changed slightly what I was going to say in the posting, but the general jist of it stayed the same. I just fetched some link code from cj and pasted it above and below my post.. voila' instand ad insode my post.
If you think about many of yor posts to yoru blog you will see a theme, it is then an easy matter to open a new browser window, go to cj and get an ad from a reputable company to post inside your blog post.
This method is used for website and blogs everywhere, and it will make money if you have traffic to yor blog or website. The closer it is in theme to the blog post r site the more people that will click the ad, adn then the more that will buy somthing or sign up for a free trial, in the case of Napster. See it really can be easy.

something I used to do, but do not anymore.. paid to surf

I used to use a paid to surf program, I actually do not remember the name of it anymore, but it worked for a short time, without causing my any real grief.

The way it worked (and I assume others still do) was that whenever you logged on, a banner would be displayed on your screen this banner would flash a new ad at you about every 10 seconds. The banner when I started was about 1" x 4" and could be moved around the screen to the least conspicuous place. I had quite a down line started too, I was making about $40.00 a month for doing nothing really.. but I did violate their terms and conditions by posting advertisements up at local grocery stores asking people to rip off a tab at the bottom, with my referring URL printed on it, and go sign up.. I

quit using it, when it got a bigger banner, and started to slow my computer to a point where it interfered with my other online activities. (At the time that was mostly listing books on ebay) I could list a book in about 10 minutes that could yield from $5 to $500 dollars in return, if it took my twice as long to list it no longer paid for itself so I dropped the program.

Today I went looking for paid to surf programs to see if there were any still out there, I came across this website that lists a goodly number of them. If you are interested in something like this (trust me it is easy to build up your down line by just telling everyone in your circle of internet friends, you don’t have to violate the terms like I did, unless you want to and do not fear getting caught) go check this site out Just the fact that this guy uses angelfire and has a top Yahoo listing means that he is doing something right.. so go see him and have fun.
Peace, DeRex.

buying and selling ads.. at AdBrite great idea and cheap too.

I always recomend you start reading from the begining of this blog, but this post will stand alone as a money making idea.

Use AdBrite to buy & sell ads!

Okay with this one you don;t even need a website, just an affiliate program or two that will alow you to post text ads.
You can go to CJ to find these advertizers.
Then go to adbrite Use AdBrite to buy & sell ads! and place ads in the network.
Tricks adn tips here, you will want to find products and services at CJ that have high potential commissions.
Then place network ads at AdBrite. Bid 5 cents per click, this way you can get 100 clicks for only $5.00 Try a few different products / services as not all will be sucessful.
A typical ad should have a catchy headline then a discriptive link and the refering URL.

So headline : Comission Junction
Link: The best affiliate programs

I have used CJ here as my example, but ther eare programs with much higher CPM's look for the ones with the highest CPM that allow text links.

Now one thing to keep in mind, if you start to want to try more targeted ads, you may have to pay more than a nickle a click for the better sites, I advise tryig things on the network to see if your ad will work first, if you can get clicks from a general audience, then you can get sales from a more targeted audience later.
You will always want to visit the website that you are promoting, while there you will want to ask yourself, "would I buy somthing from this site?" if you would not, then you may want to look for another program or product to promote. If you would buy somthing from them then the chances are good that somone else would too.