Thursday, August 03, 2006

Youtube video.. ok go and some words from me...

Hello Dear Readers.
I know it has been a while since I have posted anything new here, but I have not been doing too much new lately.
The system I have put together is working for me.
What is that system?

Well I have a website on angelfire ( that I write about a personal interest, and then I have my blogs.. Three total.. One very active, one not active right now, and this one.

I am running yahoo’s advertising across the top and on the bottom left side of all my pages, and it is making money.. About $300 a month.

I have a few scattered ads from in my blogs and pages, and they pull in a few more $$$ each month, and last I have my affiliate programs with and and both of those are adding to the tally each and every month.

Am I getting rich.. No not on just these things, but it all adds up to several thousand dollars a year, for no real work. None.. Zip .. Nada.. I am just doing what I would do if I did not have advertisers.. Here are the links.. Do not be put off by all the information you will see there, just take your time and see where you can put an ad or two on a blog or webpage.. It really is very easy if you just do it..


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and here is a youtube video.. your payment for reading my stuff. :)

gotta love Ok Go